Binary and Decimal prefixes

This article explains what decimal and binary prefixes are, when they should be used, what are the differences between them and how they are used with hardware and software.

How to change urllib User-Agent

This article explains how to change the User-Agent of urllib, a module of the standard library of Python.

How to write a DLL/SO in C/C++ for Python

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Output in PHP

This article explains how to correctly use echo and print, single and double quotation marks, dots and commas, explaining the differences and providing examples.

Attenti all'XHTML (Beware of XHTML) [IT]

This article is the Italian translation of "Beware of XHTML", by David Hammond, and explains the problems of XHTML. (This article is in Italian.)

Lo stack [IT]

This article shows how the stack works during a function call. (This article is in Italian.)